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Other Legal Services

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Clinical and medical negligence

Clinical or medical negligence can change your life. We are here to help you.If you or a family member suffers negligence during a surgical procedure or due to sub-standard healthcare, you may be able to make a no-win-no-fee claim.Although medical professionals usually carry out their work to a high standard, mistakes do occur and patients can suffer as a result. Surgery always carries some risk but when medical negligence is also a factor and surgical errors occur or hospital care is negligent, patients’ lives can be ruined by an unanticipated medical injury.We offer sensitive and expert advice to the injured and families who have lost a loved one as a result of medical negligence.

Child care and social services

We can act for children, parents and family members in disputes where parents are separated and there are problems in facilitating contact or a dispute as to who the child should live with.

We may also be able to advise and represent parents, other family members, children and guardians in public law proceedings. These may include proceedings where the local authority have applied for Emergency Protection Orders, Care Orders or where parents apply for contact with children in care and discharge of Care Orders. We can also advise and assist where children are voluntarily accommodated and will attend Child Protection Conferences. We endeavor to support parents and provide them with advice and empower them during this difficult time.

Housing/ landlord and tenants

We can guide you in any matter or issues arising with local housing authorities, housing applications, tenants, landlords, ownership, repairs, eviction, neighbourhood problems and many more.

Human rights and civil liberties

Our human rights can be affected by the decisions or actions of public authorities. If a specific public authority decision does not go in your favour or an action by a public authority causes you injury, loss of liberty or any other loss then our human rights solicitors and civil liberties experts may be able to assist you in making a claim.

Professional negligence

Occasionally, professionals don’t get their advice right. Solicitors and surveyors sometimes make mistakes. Architects and accountants may get things wrong. Financial advisers don’t always give the right advice. Most professionals carry some form of insurance to cover the cost of these errors. If you have suffered a financial loss, then you may have a claim for professional negligence and you should contact us to discuss your case further.


Reputations are hard-earned. Whether a client is an individual or a business the team can work quickly to defend their reputation. Now more than ever before published words are disseminated far and wide with ease. The potential for harm is only a click or two away be that from a disgruntled ex-employee, misinformed media outlet, competitor or person holding a grudge.

We understand that damage to reputation can have a huge effect on business opportunities, social standing and even finances. First of all clients need access to good practical advice to resolve the defamation issue as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid interfering with their business or personal life. We are able to guide you from first steps and through the claim process.

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