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We are based in Central London, but we work very closely with lawyers in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf. We can look at both English law and other relevant national laws in the MENA region, to advice you taking into account your specific social, political and legal issues.
We liaise and co-operate with individuals and organisations who are willing and able to assist in Shari’ah compliant services.

موقع المحامون العرب موجود لتقديم الارشاد القانوني بشكل متميز. المشرف والمؤسس للموقع هو المستشار احمد الترك، عضو نقابة المحاميين البريطانيين ورئيس شبكة يورومينا للمحامين.

نحن موجودون في وسط لندن لكننا نعمل عن قرب مع محاميين في الشرق الاوسط وتركيا وشمال افريقيا ودول الخليج.

نقدم المشورة القانونية بموجب القانون المحلي البريطاني.

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Arab Lawyers
Welcome to Arab lawyers!

We give legal advice in accordance with English Law,

Arab lawyers is an online legal platform. We liaise with a number of law firms in England and Wales, the Middle East and the Gulf. We seek to provide services of the highest level. For that reason, we encourage feedback from our clients to enable us to continue monitoring and improving our service.



Our Mission

Our sole mission is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectation in both their legal and personal experience. We believe in pushing the boundaries and offering the best service, to maximise your success.

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Ensuring the operational functioning of the organisation, the development of external relations, management of press relations and communication with the press.